Exploit high-accuracy, information-rich elevation data
  • Powerline Corridor Management

    Automatically roam while performing remote inspection and measurement
  • Terrain Analysis in ERDAS IMAGINE

    Painted relief, bare earth and contour information derived from LiDAR
  • Planimetric, 3D and cross-section SGM point cloud views

    Measurement and analytic capabilities to better understand your data
  • Using LiDAR to improve feature extraction

    Classify, filter, rasterized buildings and then display using dynamic shading
  • Point cloud cross-section and 3D view

    Leica RCD30 oblique sensor and ImageStation SGM derived point cloud

Highly-detailed, highly accurate mapping data

Process and analyze large volumes of LAS-formatted point could data to create detail-rich derived products.

Understand what’s changed

Perform change detection on LAS data from two or more dates to help with tasks like mapping earthquake damage or identifying illegal building activity.

Big data management

Keep your LIDAR data efficiently organized along with all of your other geospatial data, in one human-readable library.